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A Little about Infobeckons

Infobeckons Technology is one of the leading IT companies in Chandigarh, India that takes pride in creating success stories for different e-businesses of all possible niches. We are driven by the motivation of understanding your challenge and providing the best-suited IT & Web Services, Digital Marketing, Software, Web Design & Development solutions.

Welcome to Infobeckons Technology

Since 2011, Infobeckons team has worked with 1000+ businesses in Chandigarh, India and abroad across all industries.

  • IT & CSE Solutions
  • Server, Hosting & Web Solutions
  • Brochure, Collateral, Print, Logo & Graphic Designs
  • Developing Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Creating Striking & Responsive Website Designs
  • Innovative, Robust & High-Performance Web Development
  • Analytics & Auditing Services to includes those Strategies that guarantee Results
  • We ensure absolute transparency between our clients and IT Consultants.
  • We let our clients know what we are doing and how our strategies can help them get the desired outcome. Well scheduled reporting will let you know how result-driven our campaigns are.
  • Our consultant will look at your brand, analyze your audience, gauge what your competitors are doing and then, they will educate you about the IT, Web & Marketing Strategy that can help you get the desired results.
  • When we work on a project, we maintain a constant communication with our clients. Regular reports are always provided and we shall always be one message/call/email away from you.
  • We are committed to stay at the forefront of the IT & Software space and let our clients enjoy the #1 position in search results.

Infobeckons Team that includes India’s top

  • IT Experts
  • Technology Evangelists
  • Computer Science Specialists
  • Digital Marketers
  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Copywriters

We Empower your Business

We have deciphered the Cycle that Builds Trust, Boosts Revenues and Empower businesses to accomplish their objectives.

We offer Profit Driven Solutions

Enjoy boosted returns on your IT, Web & Marketing investments by engaging and converting right audiences at right time.

We Ensure Client Satisfaction

Infobeckons Technology incorporates the culture of innovation & absolute dedication at the heart of client satisfaction.

Infobeckons Technology- The #1 IT Services, Software Company

We create genuine customer value with our one-stop IT, Software, Marketing & Design solutions. Infobeckons is a top-of-the-line IT Company in IT Park that empowers you with a result-driven best Web Solutions and Marketing Campaigns that satiate your clients and target the most relevant audiences. Creating a loyal fan-base around your brand is our forte.

Why You Will Choose Us

Established in the year 2011, Infobeckons Technology has been crafting intuitive and result driven user experiences for the businesses. With our conversion-oriented IT & Software Services, we empower your business to have the needed expertize to meet your vision.

The right marketing strategies will widen the reach of businesses, so you target your prospects and ultimately convert them.

We have an in-house team of IT and Digital Marketing Experts in India in different disciplines such as Server Configuration, Hosting, Software Development, App Development, UX, Web Development, Domain Registrations, IT Consultancy, Virtual Assistance, Brand Design, Website Design, Online Marketing, Copywriting and more.

Infobeckons incorporates the culture of innovation & absolute dedication at the heart of client satisfaction

We have deciphered the Cycle that Builds Trust & Boosts Revenues for e-businesses-





We Use Personalized IT, Web & Marketing Strategies to make your Customers the Hero of your Brand Story!

Rated as one of the top IT Companies in India, Infobeckons team understands that every client & every business demands specific attention and strategy to meet their end goals. Our dedicated service ensures that from design, development to lead generation and conversion phases.

Our Mission

Our mission revolves around empowering businesses to widen their reach and talk with their audiences in the same very tone that they prefer. Empowering them with best IT Solutions, optimizing the online presence of e-businesses and letting them get the returns that they deserve are our key inspirations.

Our Motivation

We want to enable startups and new businesses to reach the heights that the leading businesses have. Our motivation also guides us to come with a tailor-fit Software, Marketing, IT & Web Solutions for big businesses, so they can target a new audience base and continue making more profits.

Our Vision

Our vision is based upon turning your dream into reality. We want Infobeckons to be the synonym of #1 IT Company in Chandigarh, India- And to achieve this; we let your brand story unfold across all customer touch points to boost your ROI.

Awesome Team

At Infobeckons, we pride ourselves on being happy, personable, and knowledgeable. Each member of the team has a unique life and experience that makes them an important part of who we are as a whole.

Amit Sharma

Managing Director

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