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Yii (Yes It Is) Development empowers you with Rapid Development of Web Apps that have appealing DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself Designs)

Yii Development

A truly outstanding and superior PHP framework, Yes It Is (Yii) development is secure, quick, and amazingly proficient for creating Web 2.0 applications. Our Yii developers are well adept in using its rich highlights including MVC, DAO/Active record and so on. A portion of its different highlights incorporates I18N/L10N, role bases access control, testing, authentication, scaffolding, etc. We offer development services based upon your specific business needs and your target audiences, so you can appreciate great returns on investments.

We, at Infobeckons Technology, have best developers who are capable of developing apps using Yii that can handle a great number of requests every second. The caching capacity of Yii is much better than other similar frameworks in the market. It comprises first-rate security features to protect your web apps from all types of Cyberattack. It is extensible, customizable and compatible with third-party code as well.

Why Choose Infobeckons Yii Development Services?

As one of best web development companies, we ensure Custom Yii web improvement by utilizing MVC architecture & Yii extension and module developments.

Enterprise Portals to Scalable Yii Web Apps to Migration to Yii, we offer the most comprehensive range of Yii development services.

Key features of Yii Development are-
  • Rapid Development - Using Yii development creates your apps faster and lets you run your Web Apps in no time.

  • Easy Data Migration - You will get the functionality while upgrading application versions when you do database changes.

  • Highly Extensible - The extensible components of Yii are also customizable to fit well with all your specific requirements.

  • Simplifies Security - Going to satisfy all your security concern, as its feature sets let it combat with all kinds of security threats.

  • Utilize Modern Technologies - Yii comprises state of the art PHP features such as SPL Classes, Late Static Binding, Interface, etc.

Yii Development Company in Chandigarh

What makes Infobeckons #1 Yii Development Company?

We are experienced and dedicated to design and develop best in class modern web applications using Yii framework. Ensuring top-notch performance from our apps is also our priority.

Our developers comprise the needed skills to create testable and secure websites whose features are modified based upon your specific needs to enable you achieve your targets and boost ROI.

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